Let me help you prepare for all aspects of pageants.


You only get one chance to make a good first impression.  Interview is the most important part of any pageant competition.  As an interview winner and top overall community service winner, I know what it takes to win the judges over and leave them wanting more.  A contestant must learn proper presentation skills when answering questions.  A big fear of most contestants is “What if I don’ know the answer?”  This is a completely normal reaction.  I will teach you the skills to answer all types of questions so you feel confident no matter what the judges ask.  I will prepare you for panel interviews and one-on-one.  The verbal and nonverbal skills you will learn will not only help you in pageants, but prepare you for all types of interviews.

Paperwork Review

I conduct a paperwork consultation reviewing everything from your fact sheet, community service/platform essay, biography, talent introduction, and more.  This is the first impression the judges have of you before you walk into the room.  What you write down on that paper is so important because it is going to set the tone for your interview.  As a judge, I can always spot the standout contestants that truly took the time to make their paperwork presentation professional and creative.  The judges will be able to tell right away if you are a potential winner based on your paperwork presentation.

Hair & Makeup

It is so important to learn hair and makeup styles for all phases of competition, appearances, and performances.  Pageant makeup is completely different than day to day wear.  I review everything you will need to know; from maintaining a clear complexion through proper cleansing and moisturizing, to teaching you unique makeup application techniques that will bring your true beauty out.  Your hair condition and style is so vitally important.  You need to learn how do different hairstyles and how to do it quickly during your competition.  Preparation and practice for hair and makeup is a must.

Community Service & Platform Development

As a Community service winner, I lived my platform and had a passion for it.   it is so important to be involved with your cause on all levels.  I will help you develop your platform and guide you to make it a part of your life.  You will be speaking on your cause everywhere; community events, schools, fundraisers, TV and radio interviews- everywhere you go!  You must be knowledgable and prepared.


This is your chance to shine and show the world what you’ve got. I train and critique all types of talent.  I help you choose the music that will entertain the audience for that standing ovation.  Your costume or performance attire is another important part of talent.  We will work together in creating the perfect costume to take the judges breath away.  You must be the total package when performing; song choice, costume, hair, makeup, and facial expressions are practiced and performed to perfection so you are prepared the day of competition

Fitness & Swimsuit

I won swimsuit from living a healthy lifestyle and regular workout routines.  As a dance teacher and fitness expert, I will put together a regular workout routine to fit your needs.  Everyone is different- body type, metabolism… the key is to feed your body with everything that is healthy and good- no more junk food- no fast food- no soda.  The time is now to start!

Evening Gown

I want you to feel like a National winner when you walk out in your gown.  From style to color, I will help you choose the dress that will WOW the judges.  Once your dream dress is chosen, it is so important to make sure it fits you perfectly.


I will guide you to a photographer that is trusted and the best in your area of pageants.  Modeling pictures are completely different than pageant photos.  Your hair, makeup, and wardrobe must be chosen carefully so that your personality and look attract the attention of the judges.

Walking & Posing

Your walk and pose during each phase of competition can make or break your chances of winning that crown.  If you are a new contestant or veteran, you must consistently practice.  Even if you feel you are a perfect score in swimsuit and evening gown.  If you are not confident and have your walk and poses perfected- your score will go down!