"As I was searching for a talent routine for the Miss West Virginia's Outstanding Teen Pageant, I quickly found Heather's site and signed up for her expert advice and choreography.  Before we even met for the first time, Heather was quick to respond and help me with everything; from music to costume.  I was blown away by her professionalism and positive energy.  She is a dream believer and I am thrilled to have her on my side.  Her choreography fits my personality completely!  Even though we are from two different states, I always know I have her friendship, happiness, and positivity to remember! I thank my lucky stars that I was able to find this hidden gem in PA, and can't wait to have her help as I mature into the Miss America competition."
Krystian Leonard

Miss Northern West Virginia's Outstanding Teen

Author of Shining Scars

"My Relationship with Heather Habura has been truly delightful.  Her knowledge and guidance has given me so much insight into the pageant world and I'm thrilled that I've gotten to know her both personally and professionally."

Stephanie Holmes

Pageant Consultant

One Enchanted Evening

"When I started looking for someone to choreograph my routine for a Miss America Local competition, Heather Habura was the standout choice.  She created the perfect routine for me and my skill level.  From her previous dance and pageant experience, the routine had that WOW factor that everyone is looking for.  Always full of positive energy, she has gone above and beyond to help me be prepared for the pageant.  Heather is a great coach and mentor that has worked with me not only on my talent, but helping me present myself in the best possible light.  Truly a one of a kind person, I could not have made it this far without her help!"
Samantha Lambert
Miss Mid State 2014

"I am so happy I found someone to train me to my potential.  I have always wanted to act, model, etc., however, I could never find the right person to help me fulfill those dreams.  Heather's bubbly personality and great training has truly made me learn the 101 on modeling and public speaking. It's so much fun working with someone who loves their profession.  She really has helped me boost my confidence and love the art of dancing and modeling much more!"

Deanna C.

Dance and Modeling Student

"Miss Heather is a great dance teacher.  I look forward to going to her classes.  We learn new dances and techniques to become better dancers.  She always has a smile and positive attitude. She motivates us to always do our best. She teaches us to respect each other because we are a team!"

Erica K.

Dance and Modeling Student

"My oldest daughter Ashley has competed in National American Miss (NAM) for the past 2 years and has won 2nd and 6th runner up.  Now my younger daughter Aly is going to compete in NAM this year for the first time.  She is definitely my shy one!  With the pageant coming up in August of 14’ I did not know how I could help Ashley grow anymore to maybe one day win the crown, or to help Aly out of her shyness. Then we met Heather!  She has been amazing!!  When you walk in the door to her studio, it is warm and inviting, and she makes you feel like family!  From encouraging words on her walls, all the fun décor and all her beautiful crowns, what girl wouldn't  feel like a princess in the studio!  Heather is understanding, guiding, fun loving, an awesome teacher/coach, and has an amazing heart!  I can see a difference in my girls already! She is helping them prepare in every way for the pageant- interview, introduction, formal wear/attire, and talent (and she is an amazing dancer!), just to name a few, as well as giving me guidance and materials to help my girls.  I would definitely recommend Heather for pageant, dance or modeling coaching!!!  I am so proud of how far my girls have come and cannot wait to see what August holds!"
Samantha Pastor


​"Heather was a true Godsend!  She can do it all:  talent, modeling, pageant prep.  Heather helped my daughter prepare her wardrobe, fun-fashion walk, and was the most positive "cheerleader" as we prepared for Nationals.  Heather's skills for talent helped my daughter express her inner beauty, and I was completely impressed by her professionalism.  She had her dance routine ready, music perfectly edited and done, and wardrobe ideas all sketched out by our first session.  Wow - you won't find this type of class and organization anywhere else!"

Karime Leonard


"Heather has been a pageant coach for my daughter for several years now, and we love having her as part of our lives!  Heather has worked with my daughter on the following aspects of pageantry:  personal interview, introduction, creating resumes, walking, dancing (talent), hair and makeup, and wardrobe selection.  Beyond the pageant coaching, Heather is one of those special people that makes you feel good!  She is a constant source of inspiration and confidence.  I would definitely recommend her as a pageant coach."

Michele Merritt


"An engaging and inspirational motivator, Heather's talents are multi-faceted.  From dance and modeling instruction, to personal development and career coaching, Heather helps people find their purpose and achieve their dreams.  Passionate about teaching, she successfully shares her knowledge of the entertainment and beauty industries with student through her private studio."

Amanda Beagle

Former Miss Ohio America/Pageant and Talent Coach

"Heather Habura has served the Miss Clayland Scholarship Program with dedication, pride, and respect.  She has served as Miss Clayland, emcee, and choreographer.  She continues to offer support to our representatives and is more than willing to assist our contestants as they prepare for competition.  Her appreciation and respect for our community and sponsors is truly appreciated by our Board of Directors.  We know that we can count on her continued support and commitment to the Miss Clayland, Miss Ohio, and Miss America Organization and its participants."

Martha Campbell

Executive Director - Miss Clayland Scholarship Program

Miss America Organization

"Heather is a wonderful example of what every young woman should be.  I have known Heather since her beginning years in the Miss Ohio Scholarship Program and would recommend any young woman competing in this system to follow her example."

Anne Hablitzel

Executive Director - Miss Stark County Scholarship Program

Miss America Organization


"Heather has been signed with the Talent Group for several years now.  Not only is she talented and conscientious, she is an extremely nice person and a joy to represent."
Richard Kohn

Talent Group

​"Heather Habura is one of the most talented people I had the good fortune to work with.  Her talent is exceeded only by her integrity and the enthusiasm that she brings to every projects she's involved in.  I find it inspiring!"
Tony Gialluca

Professional Announcer/Producer/On-Camera Talent

"Heather is an excellent on-camera talent.  I have used her repeatedly on projects because she comes prepared, takes direction well, she reads the teleprompter flawlessly, and delivers solid, consistent, and professional results all of the time --- and the camera loves her!  She is fun to be around and she is so efficient that it typically saves us money on the production side.  She is a 10 out of 10!"

Sam Sandora


Sandora Productions, Inc.

"I have hired Heather for several projects.  She is incredible --- the complete package -- beauty and brains!!  She gets along with everyone and is a pleasure to work with."
Ray Gusky
President and CEO
Blackwind Productions

"I was Heather Habura's TV Producer and I personally recommend Heather as a major talent on-camera.  She is a true professional, starting with the fact that she always showed up on time for our shoots....and I am talking about her driving to Cleveland from Pittsburgh for a 9:15 a.m. shoot.  Secondly, she is always prepared and knows her scripts.  Thirdly, she has natural poise on-camera while speaking intelligently and articulately.  Along with that Heather is a lot of fun to work with, is patient when things go awry, and offers good suggestions that have improved our video productions.  In short, she is the total package and can do it all!  If you are in search for an on-air talent that has all of the tools and knows how to use them, then look no further to Heather Habura."

Dale Kirk

Emmy Award Winning Writer/Producer/Creative Services

WEWS Television - Cleveland, Ohio

"Heather is a wonderful talent.  She is energetic and personable as well as having a strong on-camera presence.  She works very well with other hosts or can carry a segment alone.  Always prepared and professional, Heather is someone I would highly recommend for your next television or video project!"

Dean Marini

General Manager 

Image Video